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Past Horses...over 30 years of history!

There are probably too many horses to mention that have been trained, and in many cases competed by Richard. But here are a few from the last 30 years or so to note...


Wilma - A family horse that both Richard and his sister competed. Wilma was a delightful horse and had a few foals that were all succesful in their own right, Willow, Willoway, and Willoughby. Wilma taught Louise how to jump cross country fences at the age of bout 30 (both Wilma and Louise in fact were about the same age!)


Willow, Willoway, and Willoughby - all home bred out of Wilma. All succesfully evented by Richard


Jaz - The kindest and most beautiful thoroughbred mare with the most gorgeous movement. Often led after the dressage and awesome cross country.  Jaz was by Welton Emmissary and had the typical Welton attitude to work (switched on and off when it mattered). She took Louise around her first few one day events and also start their side saddle career together.


Cleo, and Boots - Two home bred thoroughbreds out of Barley. Both really loving horses that were good fun and did a bit of everything


Vali - Loaned to Louise from Chloe Herbert. Vali is the most gorgeous and striking coloured horse who turned his hoof to everything. He could do pure dressage, show jump, cross country, side saddle and now is partnered with a para rider and is competing regularly.


Albert - What can we say about Albert. A gorgeous, quirky, and super talented litte chestnut TB x WB by LIbro. He came to Richard as a youngster as the owner needed help with his quirky nature and needed to find the right home for him. He developed into a super event horse, almost foot perfect in the dressage phase and probably the true definition of a cross country machine. His career with his new family has been vast and he has given so much back to everybody that has had the opportunity to ride him. He has competed and won at various pony club championships, and has been incredibly succesful eventing up to 2* level. He is over 16 years old now and is still out winning most things! And of course still in the same home 10 years later.


Tali - Belonging to a good friend of ours who wanted some help educating Tali in his early years to make sure he had the right foundations and the right first experiences out competing. He did very well and they went on to have an awful lot of fun together.



Darcy - Our lovely big bay gelding who we bought at 16.2 and then he grew to 17.1, he has the heart of a lion and is the most brilliant jumper. He loves to jump and is incredibly bold cross country. He moves sweetly and is very much admired by the judges. Took Richard to 10th at the Badminton Grass Roots finals at the age of 7. He is now with a lovely family having an awful lot of fun doing all the pony club activies and eventing and hunting.


Saf - A gorgeous little grey thoroughbred with the best manners. Lovely to ride for a dressage test and held a lovely shape for the dressage judges. He also had a knack for cross country and competed at the pony club tetrathlon champions ships taking a friend of ours round the HUGE 1* track at only the age of 7.  He has gone onto a pony club / tetrathlon home and is having a ball with the young man who now owns him.


Indy - Indy is a 2008 KWPN by Lord. When we purchased him he had a little experience show jumping and eventing. His jumping ability caught our eye and Lou fell in love with him when she went to try him. He learnt to event and was awesome over a fence - effortlessly clearing 1.50 fences in the arena and hedge hoping! He has now gone onto a show jumping home which is exactly where he belongs.